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Happy New Year 2018

Dear friends and colleagues-speleologists!

Usually, the New Year is not only period of a loud celebration, the winter outings, carols and a vacations.It is a period of summing up. An analysis of how the year passed: what we did, what we achieved, what we managed to do, what we created and what went past.

As a rule, the closer to the New Year, the more we plan to hold next year, what projects to participate in, what time and resources are spent; we set priorities, determine in which direction to develop, what to strive, with whom to communicate and whom to let go. We "determine the azimuth" for the next year.

Therefore, I would like to wish all of you that in the coming 2018, wherever you are, who would not work, with what circumstances did not face, but always found time for speleology. Health, peace, harmony and inspiration in the new year to you and your family and friends. More positive, more kindness, more smiles.

Let's keep together, because we are worth it!

Happy New Year 2018 and Merry Christmas!

President Volodymyr Snigur