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Drawing competition "Caves through the eyes of children 2022"

Drawing competition "Caves through the eyes of children 2022"

The Ukrainian Speleological Association (USA) will hold the 10th International Children's Drawing Contest "Caves through the Eyes of Children" from February 15th till April 31th 2022.

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Thermal underwear Catch - sponsor of the contest 2021

Dear friends! The sponsor of the 9th International Children's Drawing Contest "CAVES IN THE EYE OF OUR CHILDREN" - Thermal underwear Catch (Mariupol)

Drawing contest 2021

Contest of Kid’s Drawing "Caves in the eyes of our children 2021"

In 2021, during the period from February, 01 to March, 15 Ukrainian Speleological Association (UkrSA) is holding the 9th International Contest of Kid’s Drawing "Caves in the eyes of our children".

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Results of the contest 2020

And so, summed up - the results can be found in the winners section. Diplomas sent to print. Once they are ready, the prizes together with the diplomas will be sent to the winners.

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Completion of the drawing competition 2020

The International Contest for children "Caves in the Eyes of our Children", organized by the UkrSA Commission "Children and Caves" finished receiving drawings. The competition was attended by 151 participants aged from 3 to 16 years. Together they sent 157 drawings. This year we received all the pictures only from Ukrainian children.

Well? We welcome the decision of the jury. In the meantime, we thank our sponsors for providing prizes, including:

Equipment center "Futen" (Zaporizhzhia), Online store «ALP.COM.UA», DniproClimbing Technology Ukraine, The online store of the tourist equipment "Neolit", Ternopil and also our regular sponsor Sports and Tourism Goods store "Nomad", Kyiv